Sunday, 20 March 2016

Core Moves - Face Danger

This game will have a relatively low count of Moves. This keeps complexity low and enable all Moves to appear on a single sheet of paper in play. Well, let's note that as a design aspiration and see how we fare?

In addition to a small number of Core Moves, I'll look to introduce a particular Move for each Stat in turn. Characters will also have Traits. Traits will be acquired through selection of Race, Profession and Origin. More Traits will be available through character advancement. Traits will allow characters to use the Moves in new ways, create advantages and encourage particular types of action.

We'll explore Traits when we get to character generation. For now the focus is on getting the Moves down and to think of some mechanical tricks we'll use in the game.

Let's start with our most frequent Core Move...

Face Danger

Face Danger is likely to be your most often used Move. Whenever a character faces some kind of challenge, trap or opposing force that complicates an otherwise straightforward action, then use this Move. Running across a courtyard in one of the Kestolian palaces is one thing, being shot at by archers is something quite different. The simple action becomes fraught with danger and initiates this Move.

Danger takes many guises: a dizzying leap from rooftop to rooftop, trying to avoid a swirling vortex in the sea, a gambling game where the stakes are way too high, tendrils from a spectral horror ripping at your resolve, or a sharp tongued advisor arguing for your banishment. The characters have lives beset with peril and Face Danger Move is a good catch-all if the GM feels that a Move is warranted, but unsure which should apply.

Any of the character’s Stats might apply in a Face Danger Move.

When you must overcome some threat or danger using…

…endurance, strength or health, Roll+Might
…athletics, stealth, accuracy or coordination, Roll+Agility
…lore, cleverness or healing, Roll+Bright
…force of will, soul searching or determination, Roll+Spirit
…charm, diplomacy, bargaining or lies, Roll+Influence

On a 10+ you overcome the opposition or danger, just as you described.
On a 7-9, the danger is overcome, but at a price; the GM will offer you a cost or a hard choice.

Being encumbered is one of the Dangers a character will have to Face on a regular basis. Unless well trained, a character becomes encumbered when they are carrying too much weight, heavy weapons, treasure boxes, or wearing heavy armour. Characters Face the Danger of encumbrance at the most awkward of moments using their +Might.

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