Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Stat Moves - Armour - Take the Hit!

The world of Kalland is full of danger. Despite all precautions and puissant skill, charaters will be faced with having to Take the Hit! Any time the GM makes a Move that could cause Harm to a character then use this Move.

Damage is typically rated as a number of ‘Harms’. This determines the severity of the wound and places where it should fall on the Wound Track. So, a Harm 2 blow would be a Major wound. If the character already has a Major Wound then damage rolls up to the next level becoming Severe. If Severe is already taken then it bumps up again to Critical.

  1. Minor
  2. Major
  3. Severe
  4. Critical
  5. Fatal

This Move encompass dodging, parrying or moving to best absorb the hit. The Stat used is +Armour. A greater success success (13+) will reduce Harm by three. A success (10-12) reduces by two and a Partial success reduces Harm by 1.

If multiple small sources of harm would happen all at once (hail of arrows, a horde of goblins, etc..), they should be considered as one source and given an appropriate severity. Refer to the severity guidelines below.

The GM may call for an armour reduction or, for weapons with the ‘Piercing’ tag, ignore a character’s armour altogether. If a character is hit by an armour piercing weapon, they Take the Hit! without adding their armour value to the roll.

Large beast damage: Large Beasts automatically reduce the severity of incoming harm
by one, unless the weapon is rated as 'Felling’

Minor Injury
Brawling, short falls, debris.
Bruises, cuts.

Major Injury
Melee weapons, claws/fangs
Lacerations, broken bones, burns. etc, fire.

Severe Injury
Large claws, huge weapons, long falls,
Weapon wounds, broken limbs, organ damage.

Critical Injury Very Large Beasts, magical explosive epicenter.
Dismemberment, organ failure, disfigurement.

Death, disintegration, gory chunks, red mist, dog food.

TAKE THE HIT (+Armour)
When you would suffer harm, the GM will tell you the Severity (1. Minor, 2. Major, 3. Severe, 4. Critical or 5. Fatal). Roll+Armour.

On a 13+, the severity is reduced by three levels.
On a 10-12, the severity is reduced by two levels.
On a 7-9, the severity is reduced by one level
On a 6-, you also suffer debilities, incur costs/troubles, or suffer an injury of a greater severity, at the GM’s discretion.

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