Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Stat Moves - Spirit - Wield Magic

When you draw on forces of magical power, seeking to bend them to your will then you must Wield Magic. This Move is considerably safer if the wielder has taken magical Trait as part of their background.

Characters have a Magical Power track equal to their Spirit. A character with magical training may have Power equal to double +Spirit. Every attempt at manipulating magic will initiate this Move and draw on this power.

When you draw on the power of magic then Roll +Spirit

On a 10+, the magic works fully as intended and Choose two.
On a 7-9, the magic works and Choose one. The GM can also make a Move in which you may suffer harm, unpredictable consequences of the magic, create a complication or a hard choice

  • A mighty power that inflicts +1 Harm, if a damaging effect
  • A mighty power that reduces the effectiveness of the target’s armour by 1 if a damaging effect
  • The awe inspiring power of your magic unnerves your opponent. You are at an Advantage(+1) going forward
  • Your spell has an area of effect that affects a group of opponents within Close range.
  • The perfect casting costs you no Power
  • In the face of power beyond realms you see the beauty of this life. Recover 1 Resolve.
  • You can keep your opponents at range if you wish and they are not able to engage you with any sort of immediate attack

On a 6-, you are ineffective and can only watch, slack jawed, as the GM makes a magical backlash Move. Lose two Power

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