Thursday, 24 March 2016

Step-by-step Character Creation

The following procedure closely follows Uncharted Worlds. The main difference is that 'race' and 'profession' are key options rather than two careers. For now I am not using 'Workspaces'.

Now, there is a very good case to be made that 'race' or 'species' is just fancy dressing, and that 'origin' speaks more interestingly about how the character will behave in play. Perhaps overly influenced by established fantasy tropes, I've gone with race being a key determiner and even separator when it comes to character creation. Those tasty decisions about whether to put on the ears or beard resonate even today.

Let's see how it goes split three ways?

  1. Choose one race and profession and three abilities: This combination will determine your ability choices, the core of your character, how you will behave, and the way you respond to challenges. Your combined race and profession will give you access to a total of 10 abilities. Choose any 3 of them.

  2. Choose an origin and one origin ability: Pick an origin that most suits your character from page XXX. This is the setting of the character’s formative years. Choose one of the four abilities offered by your origin. Note that a character cannot take the same ability twice, even if both their profession and origin offers it.

  3. Distribute stats: Assign one of the following numbers to each of your stats (Might, Agility, Bright, Spirit, Influence, as explained on page XXX):  +2, +1, +1, +0, -1

  4. Choose advancement: Select a race or profession you wish to advance, then choose one of the five advancement methods. This will determine one of the ways you earn experience during play. You are restricted to your selected race, but can select any profession, however start with your initial profession.

  5. Create description: Choose one of the descriptive elements from each of race, profession and your origin; this combination describes the most noticeable features of your physical appearance and personality. Alternatively, choose three words which best describes your character’s look and demeanour.

  6. Choose starting assets: Select the following equipment from The Marketplace on page XXX:

    • A Grade 0 Attire (regular clothing).
    • Two Grade 1 Equipment.
    • One Grade 2 Equipment.

  7. Name character and archetype: The GM will be calling on you to act using your character’s name. The character’s archetype gives a general idea of that character’s “class” and style.

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