Monday, 28 March 2016

The Sixth Stat

I'm about to publish 'The Mage' profession, which incorporates a number of distinctive traditions. The Abilities will be common across the traditions but expressed in a language that makes sense to each. As such it will be one slightly longer section, rather than  many individual professions. More on this soon.

Whilst Creating The Mage I've looked at how magic will be expressed mechanically through the 'Wield Magic' Move. Essentially I want to go for a simple and entirely free-form descriptive approach to magic that frees the game up from lists of spells I'm increasingly liking the idea of a sixth +Magic Stat for Wield Magic,  a Stat that will be distinct from +Spirit, reflecting connection to the forces of magic in Kalland.

As such, the core Moves such as 'Face Danger' and 'Gain Understanding' will also have a +Magic dimension to them along with the other core Stats. Plus I need to think again about a core Stat Move for +Spirit.

In terms of the starting split for Stats, I've assumed to go for a +2, +1, +1, +0, +0, -1 distribution.

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