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The Mage

Shrouded in mystery, piercing the veil of reality, the mage is imbued with a gift, yet carries a burden of mistrust and fear. Grounded in one of a number of disparate traditions, the mage alters, encourages, negotiates,  or simply bamboozles perceived reality into a new, form. The mage is a catch all profession for those that Wield Magic. Magic is expressed in many different ways, loosely collected into ‘traditions’ that codify and teach their ways over the generations. The Abilities found below are commonly available to all traditions though the way they are described and realised will vary in at least as many ways as there are traditions to describe them.

Choose a magical tradition. This will influence how you look, what you believe and how your magic manifests in the world.

The Elementalist
When you describe your magic it will be based on the the great arcana of the elements Earth, Wind, Fire, Water, Shadow and Metal that bend to your will. You can shape the abstracted ideal of these blocks of reality, disjointing them from their natural state and reconstituting them into new forms at your will. Shape the winds and use the air as your servant, create blasts of elemental fire, flow like the river between cracks of stone, create walls of earth or, slip between places in shadow and power the riddle of steel with magical power.

The Necromancer
When you describe your magic it will be based on Death Magic, create and control undead, unravel the threads of life, master disease and taste putrefaction. As death is the key to life, you are able to unlock the mysteries and blur the boundaries between the two. Achieve a clinging and dependant immortality, enjoy the pleasures of life with none of the weaknesses.

The Sorcerer
When you describe your magic it will be powered through the summoning and binding of  demons and powers from other realms. The physical world is only one of multitudinous realms and your magic draws creatures from them to do your bidding or to be bound and incarcerated in physical containers in this world. Control can be tenuous and bargains (via the Persuade Move) are rarely certain or perpetuating.

The Witch
When you describe your magic it will be primal and powered by the forces of the natural world around us. This is ancient magic of the earth, the natural world, weather, healing, curses and the spirits that watch us from tree, rock, stream and shadow. Bring the vitality of life to cursed ground, converse with the ancestors, natural spirits and animals, brew potent elixirs from herbs and beast and  ground stones, draw magic from life, heal the sick and curse your enemies with plagues and bad luck.

The Fae
When you describe your magic it will be seen through a dreamy mist shrouded veil. This is the natural magic of the Elves, misdirecting through faerie glamour, old alliances with the trees, protection of places, manipulation of weather, unweaving of the fabric of time, unchaining the waiting fears in the mind, soothing dreams, and constructions of breathtaking beauty.

There will be power overlaps between Traditions. In many ways it is less about the effects that can be produced but more about the traditional narrative that enables them to manifest.

Choose 1 description for your character from this list. This is a facet of your physical
appearance or behaviour (along with the other 2 choices from your race and origin).

Elementalist or Sorcerer
Fiery eyes, Far away look, Stooped, Energetic, Cautious, Arrogant

Palid, Dark pits for eyes, Waxy skin, Gaunt, Cruel, Morbid

Fresh complexion, Laughing eyes, Wizened, Mercurial, Coarse, Uncaring

Beautiful, Graceful, Shimmering, Vengeful, Distracted, Enigmatic

Choose one of the following triggers to begin advancing in this career.

Each session, all characters mark xp the first time...

An objective is taken by the power of magic.
A magical place or power is uncovered.
An extensive magical ritual is successfully completed.
A life is saved or destroyed by magic.
An enemy from another tradition is beaten.

Mage Abilities

As a mage you can choose from these Abilities during character creation.

Cantrips: Small shards of your magic that lightly touch reality and can be produced at a whim.
Countermagic: Undo the magic of others.
Enchanting: Imbue physical items with the power of magic.
Magical Focus: An item through which you channel your power
Well of Power: Your Power track is equal to double your Magic value.

Create minor magical effects, almost instinctively at no Power cost. This magic will be slight, fleeting and insufficiently powerful to create any form of Harm. It will serve to enhance your aura and reinforce the power of the tradition that you follow.

This Ability allows you to unravel magic that is currently in effect. Spend Power equal to the level of Magic Power. Countering Legendary magic will also require additional components, rituals or sacrifices as when it was created.
On a 10+, the magic is dispelled.
On a 7-9, the spell is dispelled, but it costs either an extra point of Power and there is an unforeseen effect to the unravelling that could cause complications.
On a 6-, the magic is strengthened with +1 Power and cannot be unravelled  by the Mage again.

Some of the traditions magic involves placing power into physical things. This Ability enables the Mage to craft items and create magical Tags to upgrade items. Magical weapons, armour, wards and glyphs can be created within the boundaries of the tradition.

Magical Focus
A special item or familiar through which you channel your power. This focus is required to create major or legendary effects.

Well of Power
Your Power track is now set at double your Magic Stat, extending the amount of magic you can cast before your power needs to be recovered.

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