Sunday, 20 March 2016


Here's where I have got to with the core Stats for characters:

Might - physical power, strength, endurance and fortitude
Agility - graceful dexterity, coordination and movement
Bright - intelligence, awareness, knowledge and cold understanding
Spirit - resolve, willpower, courage and connection with magical realms
Influence - charm, persuasiveness, command and social power

It will be interesting to see how these play out when the core Moves are constructed. I hope to put in place some core Moves and one Move for each of the Stats. There will then be a range of subsidiary Moves that may use different 'Stats' including Armour and Goods.

I might need to come back to these as I build the Moves. One area I wondered about was magic. Kalland is full of magic, wielded by those with a mystical connection to realms of power, cursed or blessed by the gods, keepers of ancient traditions or trained from potential to mastery in mighty schools of magecraft. So, I wondered about a 'Magic' Stat. For now I have linked this to Spirit, noting that many will have a strong Spirit, without necessarily a connection to the powers of magic.

I plan to allow the standard range for Stats in PbtA games: -1 through to a chunky +3.

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