Sunday, 20 March 2016

Welcome to Adventures in Kalland


This blog will outline the design of a Powered by the Apocalypse tabletop RPG for fantasy roleplay. The game will re-skin the brilliant Uncharted Worlds space opera for heroic fantasy and lean on ideas from many of the fine existing PbtA games already out there. Here you will find all the key design decisions and the forming text that will go into the full game.

Why create this when we already have the immensely popular Dungeon World?
I love Dungeon World. It emulates big old D&D with a lightness of touch and buckets of humour. What I'm looking to create here is a shorter and lighter fantasy game, building on the modular design in Uncharted Worlds that cleaves a little closer to some of the core approaches in PbtA games.

Why base your game around a small Norwegian town?
That's a fair question! Kalland is my old fantasy game world, created at a time before the Internet and search engines. I had no idea. I am sure it is a very lovely part of Norway and, perhaps, I will visit the place sometime? For now Kalland will remain the realm of the Kall, the indigenous people, now trapped in the Middle Kingdoms, with their backs to the Dragonspire Mountains and facing the unstoppable dominance of the Kestolian Empire.

Let's design to find out what happens?

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