Friday, 25 March 2016

The Warrior

The Warrior is set apart and trained to protect and destroy. Blood and Steel, Shoot and Skirmish are your stock in trade. You are a step up from the simple rabble, honed for the fight, sensing the initiative, understanding the pattern of the battle and anticipating the enemy. Carrying heavy weapons and steel armour without noticing, you can fight alone, in small groups or in the serried ranks with your battle brothers and sisters.


Choose 1 description for your character from this list. This is a facet of your physical
appearance or behavior (along with the other 2 choices from your race and origin).
Scarred, Grizzled, Massive, Brooding, Weary, Grim.


Choose one of the following triggers to begin advancing in this career.

Each session, all characters mark xp the first time...

  • An objective is taken by force of arms.
  • A perilous order is obeyed.
  • An injury is sustained.
  • An innocent is saved by the force of your martial skill
  • A worthy enemy is beaten.

Warrior Abilities:

As a warrior you can choose from these Abilities during character creation.

Tactics: Understand the flow of the battle and influence the outcome.
Endure Great Suffering: Take a lot more punishment than the average person.
Signature Weapon: Specially crafted, with a power to change the course of a battle.
Unencumbered: Carry greater weights and ignore the penalties of doing so.
Battle: Take command in battle and lead your forces to victory.

When you are about to enter melee you can Gain Understanding during combat, roll +Bright

  • On a 10+, you can see the way this combat will pan out and can anticipate the enemy. Hold 3.
  • On a 7-9, you Hold 1.

For every Hold you spend it grants an Advantage +1 going forward to any ally during the encounter. Only 1 Hold can be spent on an ally at anyone time, though one ally can receive multiple bonuses.

Endure Great Suffering
You can suffer two injuries of each of the first three severities, rather than one.

Signature Weapon
Own a signature Grade 3 weapon. If that weapon is ever lost, you can abandon it and spend an extended period of time claiming a new weapon as your Unique Weapon, adding an extra
upgrade to it.

Ignore the Clumsy trait inflicted by heavy weapons, large packs and heavy armor.

The cursed melee is something, but the killing ground of mass arrayed armies is another. With this Ability you can take command and direct armies at various levels and opens up Battle Moves.

There are some mechanical elements that will arise out of character creation. Mass battle is one! I'm looking forward to playing with the equipment upgrades too. :)

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