Monday, 21 March 2016

Stat Moves - Might - Blood and Steel

Here is the first Stat Move and it is a big one. Here is where your character will face life and death with Blood and Steel...

Heart pounding, visceral close quarter fighting. Cold steel and spurting warm blood amidst the cacophony of fear pumped challenges, cries of vengeance and final screams. Here you will lose innocence, hope, friends and possibly your own life.

Describe your actions and the GM will describe the responses. Neither of you should show weakness or fear, for it will be exploited. This Move provides the raw outcome of an incisive strike or a series of grim blows from a weapon. Further details on how to be At an Advantage or Disadvantage are found in the combat section on p.XXX.

When you fight toe to toe with an enemy then Roll +Might

(On a 13+, inflict your Harm and Choose three)??
On a 10+, inflict your Harm and Choose two
On a 7-9, inflict your Harm and Choose one. The GM can also make a Move in which you may also suffer harm, lose resolve, only inflict lesser harm, create a complication or face a sudden hard choice.

  • A mighty blow that inflicts +1 Harm
  • A piercing blow that reduces the effectiveness of the target’s armour by 1
  • The unerring cold skill of your blows unnerves or outmanoeuvre your opponent. You are at an Advantage(+1) going forward
  • The tempo of your blows pushes your opponent back, moving them to another position in the battle.
  • Your blows are a flurry as you cleave death all around you. Divide your Harm between multiple opponents within Close range.
  • The perfect balance of attack and defence grants you +1 Armour going forward
  • In the face of death you see the beauty of life. Recover 1 Resolve.
  • You create room in the melee to safely disengage without opening yourself to any sort of immediate attack

On a 6-, you are ineffective and can only watch, slack jawed, as the GM makes a Move

I am considering a second wound track for ‘Resolve’ that will be affected by sorrow, horrors and defeats, affected through the Face Danger Move and defended by +Spirit.

Not sure about the 13+ and may have packed too much in this Move? I have a similar 13+ for the Take a Hit! Move, Roll +Armour. I wanted to bring some tactical options into the choices on a success. I could have 10+ give a Choose three and ditch the 13+. I'm not sure.

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