Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Stat Moves - Influence - Persuade

Smooth velvety tongues, stirring rhetoric, dazzling charisma, a quiet confident presence, the Persuade Move is used to get others to do what you want. Persuade will be effective with NPCs who can follow your suggestions without going against their own beliefs or greatly endangering them. This Move can also be used when influencing your own followers or those that are indebted to you.

As the NPCs carry out the necessary actions to fulfil your wish, they will initiate other Moves through you. If you have requested them to Make a Difference then they will do so, but be the ones that suffer any consequences. If they are fighting on your behalf then they may be wounded or suffer other deprivations.

Persuade is also used to direct long-term schemes and large-scale tasks that require significant manpower.

On a (7-9) partial success, the NPC’s willingness to carry out actions is reduced so that they may only carry out part of the task. Depending on the nature of the request NPCs might be disgruntled, wounded, intoxicated, diseased, in a jail or socially ridiculed. Whatever the issue, it will follow from the nature of the request and needs ot be described so that a further attempt can be made to complete the task.

PERSUADE (+Influence)
When you seek to persuade an individual or group that is inclined to follow your orders, Roll+Influence.

On a 10+, they follow those orders to the best of their ability, though there may be costs in time, resources or personnel.

On a 7-9, as above, but their disposition or effectiveness has been significantly impacted in some way. These followers will not accept a new Persuade until those issues have been dealt with.

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