Monday, 21 March 2016

Core Moves - Make a Difference

Here's the last of the Core Moves. As per Uncharted Worlds I will follow up with a Move for each Stat and one for Armour.

When a character wishes to support an ally or disrupt an enemy they can Make a Difference. The supporting character needs to be engaged and involved in the scene and their actions make narrative sense in the unfolding drama. You Make a Difference immediately after a Move has been rolled for. The character describes their actions to either help or hinder and how they can influence the outcome of the previous Move. On a Success the previous Move is either upgraded or downgraded one level, depending on intent, turning a failure failure or success into a partial success, or turning a partial success into either a failure or a success.

On a failure this Move either has the tragic or comedic opposite effect as intended, or the character shares the effect of any soft or hard Moves that the GM might have initiated as a result of the initial Move by the character's ally.

When an ally makes a Move and you affect the result using…

…protecting with your body, brute strength or strenuous activity, Roll+Might
…stealth, balance or quick movement, Roll+Agility
…deduction, spotting an escape or methodical experimentation, Roll+Bright
…intuition, empathy, reading runes, or consulting the ancestors, Roll+Spirit
…stirring exhortations, distracting taunting, gossip and intrigue, Roll+Influence

On a 10+ Choose 1
• Turn a failure(6-) into a partial success (7-9).
• Turn a partial success(7-9) into a full success (10+).
• Turn a full success(10+) into a partial success(7-9).
• Turn a partial success(7-9) into a failure(6-).

On a 7-9, as above, but you incur a cost, complication or hard choice in order to Make a Difference.

On a 6-, have the opposite effect than intended or become affected by negative consequences suffered by the ally

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