Sunday, 20 March 2016

Core Moves - Gain Understanding

As part of the conversation around the table, characters will continuously ask for information about their surroundings. Usually the GM will simply convey information as part of this conversation, without any need to initiate a Move.

Gain Understanding is used when the subject is more difficult to assess, physically hidden, lost in Byzantine ancient texts in dusty temples, atop alabaster towers, or simply important to to the narrative. On a successful Move, the better framed the character question, the more constructive and useful the GM reply. A general question will only gain a similarly broad reply. In addition to asking the right questions the player should be clear as to how the character is seeking to Gain Understanding, as this will determine which Stat is used (see below).

As we play to find out what will happen, characters will ask questions about their surroundings and GMs will prompt players for facts about the world. Either way, the information from the Gain Understanding Move will be true and become a part of the narrative. Truth is a slippery thing though. Realities can shift over time.

On a Success (10+), the character also earns a point of Lore about the subject. Lore is a fragment of knowledge about a subject that provides an advantage in the ensuing action. If any Lore can subsequently be applied, then it provides Advantage for a +1 bonus to a roll. Only one Lore can be applied to any one roll, even if the character has several fragments of Lore that could apply.

Fragments of Lore can be collected into tomes that preserve the knowledge for future generations. However, knowledge fades, and tomes are frequently lost or destroyed in tumultuous conflicts. Only in the great empires and the rich centres of the city states will you find libraries of Lore, jealously guarded as treasures greater than gold. Scholars, who collect and codify this Lore, may also provide this information to those who seek it, for a fair price. Typically a fragment of +1 Lore will cost Grade 1 in goods. Rarer information will cost more.

Characters can own any number of fragments of Lore, though over time they will fade and no longer be useful. The GM and Players can remove one point of Lore per session. Lore can be re-acquired or refreshed.

On a Failure (6-), the character will still Gain Understanding, but the truths imparted by the GM will be unwelcome, frightening, or even threatening.


When you seek information about an important, dangerous or mysterious subject using…

…exploration, brute strength or strenuous activity, Roll+Might
…stealth, balance or quick movement, Roll+Agility
…deduction, scholarly research, or methodical experimentation, Roll+Bright
…intuition, empathy, reading runes, or consulting the ancestors, Roll+Spirit
…tapping contacts, questioning onlookers, gossip and intrigue, Roll+Influence

On a 10+, you acquire substantial information about the subject, and gain a fragment of Lore about it as well.
On a 7-9, the GM will reveal interesting, potentially useful information about the subject. Or will prompt you to do so.
On a 6-, the GM will reveal regrettable facts about the subject that may cause you problems in the future.

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