Thursday, 24 March 2016

The Elves

The next series of posts will outline example races, professions and origins to give a flavour as to how they work. These will be first drafts to get the game out onto the table. I'll try and restrict the abilities available to five, though it might be possible to raise that a little.

Once posted I will be working up new Abilities offline, with options to supplement or swap with the ones outlined here.

I imagine that the text will provide whispers of a setting without it being necessary to fully detail it.


First born, long lived, with clear memories that stretch back to a time before the histories of men, the elves are in decline, isolationist and protective by instinct and disconnected from the fates of the younger races. The Oracles foretold the rise of Tarria and the upstart usurper Kestol. What part the elves played in the introspection of the Golden Empire remains a matter of keen speculation amongst the scattered realms of men

When abroad you mask your natural reticence with calm, and at times, bemused civility. The studied perspective of your people does not always match the encounter with other peoples. They surprise, delight and horrify in equal measure.

The blood of the elder race can be mercurial if passions are raised. They can act hastily before the weighted hand of their knowledge and experience can guide and direct. Tragedy ensues.

Choose 1 description for your character from this list. This reflects one aspect of your physical appearance or behaviour. Also pick 1 from your Profession and your Origin.
Lithe, Tall, Fair, Sombre, Hawk like, Fickle

You may choose one of the following triggers to begin advancing in this Race.

Each session, all characters mark xp the first time…

  • A place, tree or item of great beauty is saved
  • An item of power is hidden from the younger races
  • An ancient evil is slain
  • A lost elvish place of power is discovered
  • Innocents are rescued from the clutches of evil

Elf Abilities

If you are an Elf you can choose from these Abilities during character creation.

See to the Horizon
You can pick out detail even as far out as the horizon, making elves perfect scouts and watchmen.

You do not suffer debilities caused by bad weather, poison or illness.

Knowledge through the Ages
The elves have lived for many an age and have gained great knowledge of Eryelme’s lands. One point of Lore is available to you at the start of each game session. Decide what it will be about and note it down. Perhaps it will be applied at just the right moment during play?

Loss of the Fair
If you witness elves dying in battle or a place of beauty is destroyed then Face Danger +Spirit.

  • On a 10+, Summon every reserve to defeat the enemy. You lash out with decisive action and you are At an Advantage +1 ongoing - wherever that takes you...
  • On a 7-9, You are inspired to redouble your efforts and are At an Advantage +1 forward as you rashly leap to redress the shadow of evil, especially if they are kin.
  • On a 6-, resign yourself to the futility of hope. GM will provide a cost and harm to your Resolve

Tree Warden
Tree spirits are often older and wiser than many of the peoples of Kalland. These spirits are aware of their surroundings and can feel through their roots and the wind in their leaves. As an elf you are able to converse with them, many will be allies, and they see things that they can impart to you. Use Persuade +Influence to coax information from them.

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