Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Stat Moves - Agility - Shoot and Skirmish

Draw your bow, ready the javelin, take down the first wave, silently kill from the dark recesses of the adjoining chamber, this Move is for ranged combat where the sudden or surprised look of fear is the shared last memory you will both have. Keep your distance and deal death from afar. Your opportunity may be brief if enemies are all around you and the last resort may need to be Blood and Steel, but only if the enemy are still standing.

This Move provides the raw outcome of an incisive shot or volley of arrows. Further details on how to be At an Advantage or Disadvantage are found in the combat section on p.XXX.

When you shoot an arrow or launch a missile weapon outside of Close Range then Roll +Agility

(On a 13+, inflict your Harm and Choose three)??
On a 10+, inflict your Harm and Choose two
On a 7-9, inflict your Harm and Choose one. The GM can also make a Move in which you may suffer harm, inflict lesser harm, create a complication or a hard choice

• A powerful shot that inflicts +1 Harm
• A piercing arrow that reduces the effectiveness of the target’s armour by 1
• The unerring cold skill of your shot unnerves or misdirects your opponent. You are at an Advantage(+1) going forward
• The tempo of your shots pushes your opponent back, forcing them to another position in the battle.
• Your shots are a whirlwind as you cause death all around you. Divide your Harm between multiple opponents that are close to each other.
• The perfect balance of attack and defence grants you +1 Armour going forward
• In the face of death you see the beauty of life. Recover 1 Resolve.
• You can remain safely disengaged without opening yourself to be closed by the enemy

On a 6-, you are ineffective and can only watch, slack jawed, as the GM makes a Move

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